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July 18, 2013
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Ludwig x Reader- Motivation-
Today was you and your boyfriend, Ludwig's, weekly workout session. When you first met him, you were probably as lazy as his cute Italian friend, Feli. Now, you were fit and loved to workout! You came over to his house early in the morning in your workout clothes as always, smiling brightly. You knocked on the door, taking a sip from your water bottle.
Lud opened the door with a smile, already dressed in his usual black tanktop and green cargo pants.
"Hey Luddy~" You chirped.
"Hello [name]" he smiled and kissed your cheek.
He stepped aside to let you in and closed the door. The two of you went straight outside. First was running laps, this had to be your favorite part, getting to feel so energized and also getting to run and chat with Ludwig~. But today he was running fairly slow, a few steps behind you, which was odd because just running alongside you  he had to slow down a bit! You shrugged it off and kept running for another fifteen minutes as always. You stopped, putting your hands on your knees and catching your breath. You looked behind at the German who had stopped as well, taking a sip from his water with a dull expression on his face. You scrunched up your face in thought, he always smiles when he works out! I mean he's kinda weird for being happy during a workout but this was weirder! You shook your head of the thoughts and walked with him to the next workout,- pull ups. For some reason  he was acting strange. He was… Dare you say… Lazy! You sighed irritably as you pulled up on the steal bar. Up, down, up, down, up- wait a minute! He was sitting on the ground! Doing nothing. You stopped, hopped down and looked over at him "Hey what's the deal!" you shouted over to him.
He looked over at you, shrugging "I'm just taking a break" he said back, playing with some grass on the ground
"A break?" you said almost to yourself. He was starting to scare you. "C'mon Lud…" You pouted
"Just finish up , I'm really tired today…"
You huffed and ran over to sit next to him "Fine if you 're not going to do anything, I won't do anything" you huffed stubbornly.
He looked over at you, shrugging "Ok, suit jourself"
You sighed and laid down, sprawling out on the grass and looking up at the clouds. You started making shapes out of them. 'That one looks like… a dragon! And that one.. A butterfly! And a-' your thoughts were cut off, you now were gazing up at your blue-eyes boyfriend, hovering over you. You blushed a but and pouted "What?" you huffed, pretending to be annoyed.
He just looked down at you, a small smile on his face "Perhaps I just need some motivation…" he said, referring to his lack of cooperation throughout the past half an hour.
You looked confused at him, wondering what he meant before you realized he was in a pushup position, hovering over you. You wondered what he was going to do so you just looked up at him "Like what?"
He simply smiled and lifted himself up, starting to do a pushup.
You frowned and watched him.
Down. You sighed.
Up. Rolled your eyes.
Down. Looked into his eyes.
Kiss. '…' Your eyes widened at the short chaste kiss. You tilted your head, seeing the familiar satisfied smile on his face. 'ah this is what he meant'. You smiled "Oh, so you're rewarding yourself with a kiss, huh?" You giggled.
He nodded, chuckling.
"Alright, go ahead, I guess I'll motivate you~"
He smiled.
Up. You smiled.
Down, kiss.
Down, kiss. You quickly kissed back this time.
Up. His smile grew
Down, kiss. You kissed back again, his bright blue eyes shining, and your [eye color] eyes sparkling with a childish enjoyment.
Down, kiss.

This went on for a good fifty pushups, which the German purposely drew out, each kiss getting a tad longer each time. By the end of his pushups, you were in his arms, laughing while wrapping your arms around his neck and dotting his face with short chaste kisses. You had just declared this, the best workout- Ever.
This is a meaningless short fic I wrote because my boo gave me the idea .3.
Hehe dat German :iconludwigplz: :icondroolplz:
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